Steps To Take If You’ve Been In A Car Accident

Being involved in a car accident is scary and overwhelming for everyone, especially if you don’t know what to do in such a situation. There are several steps you can take to ensure everyone’s safety as well as to protect your legal rights and claims to future compensation for injuries and damages suffered in an automobile accident.

car accident attorney in PittsburghAs experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys, we’ve seen how difficult it can be for people to keep calm and prioritize after an accident. If you’re one such person, following this guide will make sure you don’t overlook a fundamental step you should take if you’ve been in an accident.

What to do After a Car Accident

The first major concern anyone involved in an accident should have is the safety of themselves and any others who were involved.

If anyone seems to have moderate or severe injuries, call 911 immediately!


Once you have determined that you are free of major injury and everyone else is as well, move the vehicles to a safer area and out of the way of traffic.

In cases where nobody appears to be injured, it’s still best that you involve the police, as they will help determine fault and write a police report that will be helpful for insurance companies. Police reports will also save you from fraud if the other driver tries to change their story later or say the damage and injuries were worse than they were.

Exchanging Information at the Scene of an Accident

Always exchange information with the other driver(s) involved. It seems like this would be common knowledge, but some might not know what information to collect or what information is safe to give. The only information you should exchange is:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Telephone number
  • Divers license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance company
  • Insurance policy number

Get Photos!

You should always remember to take pictures of all vehicles involved as well as any injuries, road conditions, possible causes, and property damage from items inside your car. Collecting all this information will work alongside police reports so insurance companies have a clearer understanding of why the accident happened, who was at fault, as well as the extent of injuries and damages.

Many insurance companies will refer you to their own body shop, but you should take your vehicle to someone you trust as well so that you are comfortable and informed about what a fair estimate would be. Other documentation you’ll need is all out of pocket expenses such as hospital bills, medication, car repairs, and proof of time missed from work.

After you have prepared and compiled all this information, you need to call the other driver’s insurance company, as well as your own, and send this information to them.

Get Legal Representation if You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Even if you’ve followed this guide and have all the facts and evidence on your side, it may still be time to consult an attorney about your accident. Insurance companies are in business to make a profit and may not be forthcoming with the full settlement you deserve.

At Martin & Lerda, our team of Pittsburgh car accident lawyers is experienced with everything that goes into a fair settlement and is willing to fight for the compensation you deserve.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the aftermath of your accident and make a bad decision with the insurance companies you’ll regret for the rest of your life! Call us today for a free consultation about your specific circumstance.

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