Serious Injury Lawyers Pittsburgh

Vehicular Injuries

Injuries caused by accidents come in many forms. The negligent operation of vehicles frequently causes dangerous injuries. People operating any type of vehicle owe a duty to everyone else on the road, the water, or the air to operate it safely and to take precautions. Injuries can result from the negligent operation of cars, commercial trucks, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles. A person injured because of such negligence may recover damages such as medical expenses, lost wages, and/or compensation for pain and suffering from the negligent party.

Product Injuries

Companies that sell products to the public have a responsibility to make reasonably certain that their products are safe to use. Still, injuries occur because of defects or inherent dangers in various products. The companies that produce those goods may be held liable for damages caused by these defects or dangers.

Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy errors occur when a pharmacist breaches his or her professional duty of care, resulting in harm to the patient whose prescription he or she is filling. A pharmacist whose breach causes injury is liable for damages to the injured patient.

Injuries From Intentional Acts

People have a duty to behave in a way that does not injure anyone else. Sometimes people cause harm to others deliberately, such as an assault, or in a reckless manner such as a drunk driving accident. If you’ve been hurt due to the deliberate actions of another, you should contact our office.

Animal Attacks and Dog Bites

People also have an obligation to reasonably restrain or control animals in their care, including both pets and livestock. Those who are injured by direct attacks or by an animal attack under a person’s control may have a claim against that person for their damages.